Monday, January 17, 2011

"Storm Watch" 2011

I seriously get a crack up every time we get rain and the news claims its a "Storm." Clearly enough they haven't seen a actual storm. It's just rain, rain is a good thing. California is always sunny yes I get that, but where do you think we get our greenery from? RAIN! I personally LOVE the rain. To me mother nature is just so beyond amazing. I love every bit of it. Here is a few shots from the last "BIG STORM" we got.

Below: The road down to Rose Canyon Cantina (aka: work). Bridge over filled with water. 

Below: This is just to the right of work.

Below: The left before heading down the S-curves to the Cantina.

Below: The red in this is stunning.

Below: Haha I got past ya mister cop!

Below: Looked like the Engine was ready to tip over as fast as they were taking that turn.

Below: So if I make a turn like that on a double yellow, I get a ticket, they do it, its A-OKAY! LAMMMMEEEE

Below: Gnarly Sunset!

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