Monday, January 17, 2011

"Storm Watch" 2011

I seriously get a crack up every time we get rain and the news claims its a "Storm." Clearly enough they haven't seen a actual storm. It's just rain, rain is a good thing. California is always sunny yes I get that, but where do you think we get our greenery from? RAIN! I personally LOVE the rain. To me mother nature is just so beyond amazing. I love every bit of it. Here is a few shots from the last "BIG STORM" we got.

Below: The road down to Rose Canyon Cantina (aka: work). Bridge over filled with water. 

Below: This is just to the right of work.

Below: The left before heading down the S-curves to the Cantina.

Below: The red in this is stunning.

Below: Haha I got past ya mister cop!

Below: Looked like the Engine was ready to tip over as fast as they were taking that turn.

Below: So if I make a turn like that on a double yellow, I get a ticket, they do it, its A-OKAY! LAMMMMEEEE

Below: Gnarly Sunset!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Austin's Mommy...Amanda

Dear Amanda,
As I seat here on this cold wintery night, all snugged up, editing these precious images. Though I have just met you, I look at these photos and they bring such happiness to me. Knowing how special it is having a baby, is just breath taking. Thank you for allowing me to capture this remarkable moment in your life. May this chapter in your life be filled with laughter and happiness. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Austin is on the way...

Mommy Amanda is due in THREE days, I wasn't kidding when I said baby Austin was on the way! Heres a couple of photos till the rest are posted. I had such a good time photographing such a darling woman. The rest will be up before Austin is here! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creager Family: Holiday Photo Shoot

First I have to say how darling is this little girl?
Miss Kayley your going to have all the boys after you (sorry dad but its true). 
With those big Caribbean ocean colored eyes, and that darling smile. Who wouldn't fall for that?!

Dear Kayley,

Your going to grow up to be such an amazing woman, I already know this by just knowing your parents. Your parents are not only amazing but the love that they have for you is unmeasurable! Wishing you the best in everything that comes your way.